Health Services Associates, Inc. has a professional group of experienced and knowledgeable billing staff. Whether you are a fee-for-service only clinic or a rural health clinic, we provide you with accurate and timely collections. Our goal is to increase clients’ collections anywhere from 10 to 35 %. Our commitment is to be responsive, provide information, and be accountable for our performance. Our fees are based on collections and the bottom line is, if you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid.

What Services Are Included as an HSA Billing Client?
Enter patient demographic, insurance, and charge information (depending on level of service).
Enter patient charge information (dependent on level of service).
Provide telephone support for patient inquiries and other assistance as required.
Manage electronic claim submissions
Receive and post remittance advice.
Denial Management and Claim Resubmission
Submit secondary claims for payment where appropriate;
Produce and send patient statements
Produce monthly financial, productivity, collection, aging, and payment reports.
Transfer bad debt to outside agency for collection
Provide annual fee analysis/recommendations

Why choose HSA for RHC Billing? 
Health Services Associates, Inc. is a medical billing outsourcing solution. We have a proven record of success with our clients. Our commitment to customer-service is two-fold: the first is our drive to be responsive to the needs of our clients; and the second is to remember that your patients need understanding and compassion when they have account questions. Our services will save you time and help you get paid more efficiently.

We are aware of new, old, and upcoming billing changes and participate in multiple monthly and quarterly educational training sessions. We communicate with political leaders who deal directly with policy and billing changes.

We bring our billing services to every State and understand RHC billing relative to revenue codes, forms, and submission requirements. We know when codes and forms change before they are even effective. With that kind of lead information, HSA bills claims with the correct codes and forms to ensure that your clinics visit count and payment data will match with your final cost report filing information.

Most billing companies do not find out they are billing their Medicare and Medicaid RHC claims incorrectly until they begin pulling their visit and payment information to complete their annual cost report. By that time, it’s generally too late to correct all of the claims that have been processed incorrectly since the cost report is filed more than one year after a date of service has been billed and paid.

Our billing reports are geared to directly flow into your annual cost report with accuracy, saving you time and money. We can also increase your collections and collection time. We are connected electronically to hundreds of insurances across the United States which allows us to obtain the fastest cash flow turn around for our clients.
We are excited to offer this service to you in being one of the very few billing agencies across the United States that is specifically Rural Health Clinic Knowledgeable and Experienced. With HSA as your billing company, you will no longer need to count your own visits and payments for the cost report.

Real-Time Account Access and Financial Reporting 
Health Services Associates Inc. provides a state of the art, HIPAA compliant, Virtual Private Network. This system allows us to provide real-time account access to our clients' front-end staff in order to update patient information and collect outstanding balances more efficiently. Clinic management can access all available financial reports from Real-Time instantly as needed.

Data entry sharing with client to increase efficiency and lower cost
Real-time patient balance, account inquiry, and reporting system
Full scale financial reporting and user permission management
Fully HIPAA Compliant
Monthly Financial Reporting and Performance Assessment
Free Annual Fee Schedule Analysis, Recommendations, and Implementation

Benefits of Outsourcing 
The complicated reimbursement environment of today’s healthcare industry requires increasing specialization in all area of medical practices: clinical, operational, and financial. By outsourcing billing, your practice will:

Reduce internal personnel requirements in time and money
Maximize focus on patient care
Reduce cost of collections
Increase the efficiency of the front desk
Enjoy significant economies in business office operations not possible in individual practices
Co-opt significant expertise in streamlining business office operations
Co-opt the knowledge of skilled professionals with proven track records of success and put it working for you

About Our Billing Software:
HSA, Inc. and iPatientCare, have teamed up to develop a billing software and EHR. It is specifically made with the rural health clinic in mind and we have been using it with our clients for several years. This user-friendly software automatically splits claims, is an EHR, and may be integrated with your current software.

We have two staffed AHIMA Approved ICD-10-CM/PCS Training/Ambassadors. Our training/workshops include full-day ICD-10 certification training on actual hands-on coding/documentation. Along with the completed training, CEUs will be given from AHIMA. Training materials may be purchased by each participant. We will have a session on an implementation plan, and provider documentation. Target audiences should include key personnel in charge of the transition process, providers and personnel that are involved in provider documentation training, and billing and coding staff.

We work and team-up with many State Rural Offices to provide a group ICD-10 training session, which make the training workshop very affordable. Check with us to find out when we’ll be going to your State.
Contact us for an individual quote of your specific billing needs.