• HSA has a professional team of medical billers and coders who are well-versed in RHC and fee-for-service billing with over 15 years of RHC billing experience. Our billers understand how important cash flow is to the clinic provider's existence and the patient's healthcare is at its forefront. Our billers are readily available to provide billing support from the ground up. Our team works with all of the Medicare Administrative Contractors, all payers and all State insurances. Supporting clinic providers nationwide, our staff works with clinics to ensure they receive their maximum revenue for each and every claim.
    In addition, we have our own AHIMA Approved ICD-10-CM/PCS Trainers who provide webinars and on-site training sessions at your request.

    Our credentialing staff members can take on any challenge. We understand the three essential parts to complete the enrollment process: 1) Enroll the Group and Individual Practitioners, 2) Link the practitioner(s) to the group enrollment, and 3) Maintain enrollment records and credentials.
  • We work with all payers in all States and will work with all your insurances on revalidation or recredentialing requests.
  • Our staff will take the guess work out of the enrollment process, complete each and every application, and follow applications until approval.

Chris A. Christoffersen, President & CEO
231-924-0244 ext 204
Chris A. Christoffersen is President and CEO of Health Services Associates, Inc. Mrs. Christoffersen has been with Health Services Associates, Inc for over twenty years. She has served as one of the dynamic leaders to coordinate and educate the firm. She has an exceptional ability to analyze needs and forecast company goals. She brings a genuine concern for the access of rural healthcare communities around the nation and her interpersonal expertise offers a comfortable atmosphere for all healthcare client types. Mrs. Christoffersen holds a BA in Accounting with a concentration in business from Ferris State University. A part of her daily operations includes client proposals, client support, RHC and FQHC cost reporting, certification and compliance, and staff management. She provides financial statistical analysis, education and management services to rural health clinics, FQHC's, and state agencies. Importantly, Mrs. Christoffersen has daily interaction with Medicare Administrative Contractors across the nation and with the regional offices of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Mrs. Christoffersen is intelligent and honest. She enjoys helping others succeed and is passionate about the ever-changing healthcare system. She is a great asset to Health Services Associates, Inc., and to the rural health community.
Senior Consultant and Project Lead.
Client Contracting.
Staff Management.
Budgeting, financial feasibility analysis and statistics.
Business plan preparation.
HPSA, MUA/MUP Designation.
Participates in national and local seminars and webinars.
Finance and Expense Control.
Streamline procedures and implement measures to reduce costs.
Client retention and management.
Oversees the daily operations of business.
Staff Development and Employee Relations.
Performance Assessments.

Julie A. Wiegand, VP Medical Billing Services
231-924-0244 ext 208
Julie A. Wiegand joined Health Service Associates in October, 2006. Ms. Wiegand brings with her over 15 years experience in Rural Health Clinic billing. Julie makes it a high priority to attend yearly educational and training conferences to further her billing knowledge. She has earned her Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology at the University of Michigan and has received training as a computer programmer which included rewriting government programs into more useable format(s). One of her more recent accomplishments is obtaining certification as AHIMA Approved ICD-10-CM/PCS Trainer. Julie's focus on detail and logic is an important piece of what she does at HSA. As part of her daily role, she works with various States regarding Medicaid RHC billing requirements; some of her experience includes working with Michigan, California, Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Montana, Texas. Ms. Wiegand serves as a speaker at RHC conferences. She enjoys managing the HSA team of medical billers and providing training to clinical staff on how to operate in an RHC environment. Most importantly, Julie has the knowledge and experience to provide consulting assistance and advice to RHCs and FQHCs around the nation.


Julie Quinn, CPA, VP Cost Reporting & Provider Education
Ms. Quinn is a CPA with over 20 years experience in governmental cost reporting, 15 of which she spent in the Medicare Contractor arena. During her years with Medicare, she managed an audit staff responsible for the tentative and final settlement of independent RHC cost reports in 15 states. She served as Compliance Officer for a Medicare Contractor prior to joining Health Services Associates as Vice President of Cost Reporting and Provider Education in 2010. Ms. Quinn has worked with policy personnel at CMS in the development and clarification of CMS policy for specialty providers including Rural Health Clinics. She has worked closely with CMS on interpretation and reporting for HIPAA and privacy issues. She wrote position papers and defended those positions in official intermediary hearings and has worked with congressional offices for issue resolution. In her current role, she assists RHCs with cost reporting, audit resolution, rate setting and various cost issues. Ms. Quinn also works to provide educational opportunities for RHCs across the nation through webinars and presentations at conferences for NARHC, NRHA and state associations.


Robin M. VeltKamp, RHC Quality Assurance & Education
231-924-0244 ext 209
Robin M. VeltKamp joined Health Services Associates in January, 2007, and holds the position as Vice President of Medical Compliance and Consulting Services. Having over 30 years of experience in the medical office and billing field, she is well-equipped to handle health care administration issues including human resource management, coding/billing, and compliance. Her solid foundation provides support for various types of medical settings including RHC, FQHC, specialists, family medicine and hospital. Her responsibilities include assisting clinics in obtaining and maintaining RHC compliance, patient flow analysis, maximizing accounts receivable and coding/billing. As part of her career focus, Robin has obtained and is approved as an AHIMA ICD-10-CM/PCS expert trainer and ambassador. She serves on a quality initiative group for RHCs for the State of Michigan. She is a well-known speaker at the National Association of Rural Health Clinics Conferences and a speaker at various State conferences. She was published as a co-author for the Journal of Oncology, March, 2012, on the subject of productivity assessment of PAs and NPs in oncology in an academic medical center. Robin has a Bachelor's in Health Care Administration. She possesses strong leadership skills and is an asset to the health care community.


Michelle R. Kruzel, RHC Certification & Credentialing Coordinator
231-924-0244 ext 202
Michelle R. Kruzel, RHC Certification and Credentialing Coordinator, joined Health Service Associates in July, 2008. She brings over 21 years of business experience to HSA. Mrs. Kruzel has an Associate's Degree in Business Administration and has earned national certifications from Microsoft, Adobe, QuickBooks, and the Medicare National Provider Enrollment Summit. Her level of commitment brings HSA an honest and genuine approach. She enjoys learning and assisting providers reach their goals in becoming a certified rural health clinic. Mrs. Kruzel provides enrollment answers and concrete information for the rural health provider. Her area of focus includes the following: Rural Health Clinic new certifications, change of ownerships, and research completed with the State and Federal levels, Medicare Administrative Contractors, and CMS Regional Offices. Medicare and Medicaid provider enrollment & credentialing, specializing in the following forms: CMS855B, CMS855I, CMS855R, and CMS460, CMS855A, CMS588, CMS29, and Provider Based Attestation.